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     Casino View offers multi-level protected access to the data thus covering the whole process of services provision and reporting of casinos and arcades. The rich spectrum of dynamic reports provides a detailed view of the cash flows and statistical analysis of the game process.
     The system is divided in two basic functions, covering both the business processes of a casino (or arcade) and the processes related to financial reporting of the operator (each part works independently):

          Casino Floor a local system module which functions at casino (arcade) level. It covers all operational processes of the casino (arcade) cash flows, statistical analysis, shifts report, cashless operations, and technical condition of the equipment. This module also provides a number of detailed visualization schemes of the statistical data. All the above-listed functions offer valuable help to the management in its decision-making process.

           Business Layer a module which functions at the operators headquarters. This module ensures the collection and archiving of data from all local systems (floor servers) of the operator. It covers the business processes of the headquarters related to processing and analysis of the collected data, thus facilitating the management in its decision-making process. The module also provides an effective and intuitive visualization of the cash- and statistical flows, thus making the analysis and processing of data extremely fast, effective and easy.

     Casino View provides collection of operational data from the gaming automats on SAS protocol. This protocol has been acknowledged as the Standard in the gaming industry. It allows communication with the gaming automats of different producers supporting it (their number is growing every day). The systems organization and principles both allow that the local operability and reporting be extremely simplified, and they facilitate the work of the different functional units responsible for the casino (arcade) operability. An inseparable part of Casino View is the system for data protection and its functional processing, securing it against unauthorized interventions.

     Casino View provides interface for real-time monitoring of the gaming automats and their performance. Further, it has a module serving as a channel for informing the respective persons about any technical and financial incompatibilities.

     You can find detailed description of the operational console here

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