Pluto 6 Dual Video
    Pluto 6 is the latest addition to the Pluto family of gaming controllers and now provides increased video options for your gaming machine. Pluto 6 is a high performance embedded control board with dual video capability and flexible memory options. It has the option of having dual screen video output when two Calypso 32 graphics display cards are fitted. Pluto 6 has a wide range of standard options that allow you to run gaming machines.
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    Axis is a range of compact, multimedia controller systems aimed at the casino, gaming and amusement environments. The Axis system provides excellent video performance, high levels of security and has multiple I/O connectivity options for a wide variety of gaming industry peripheral devices. Axis uses a 1GHz Via EdenTM processor to provide a low cost solution with longevity of supply. An Integrated S3 Savage 4 video processor provides high performance video for Axis.
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