Financial and Gaming Systems
     Development of financial and gaming systems. CGS offers software for data archiving and reporting fully compliant with the business processes. CGS also provides flexible statistical forms visualizing the dynamics of cash flows and the performance of the equipment (POS-terminals, gaming automats, vending machines). The extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface facilitates the management in its decision-making process.

     Development of Community Games software. CGS offers intuitive software solutions for organizing community games and game tournaments. Communication modules based on SAS 6.xx, web based interface for presenting the data of the community game. Support of protected local interface for financial reporting. Implementation of attractive game rules and performance of the community game in the game tournament.

     Development of software for Jackpot systems. Modules for reporting and solutions for data protection. Attractive rules for accruing and payment of the accrued jackpot. Servicing of distributed Jackpot systems, providing link to and functionality of a centralized system for forming Jackpot premium from a number of arcades (casinos).
Game Design and Development
     Development of software for gaming automats, applying well established practices of the gaming rules and ensuring attractiveness for the player.

The companys leading principle for the product development is the application of mathematics models in compliance with the clients requirements and well protected from deviations of the paid winnings.

Your idea for a game can quickly be realized if you trust our long-term experience in the design and deployment of our software solutions.

Your requirements for the game character and performance will be complied with and implemented in the most appropriate way.

Sound and graphic themes approved by you will be elegantly weaved in the game strategy.
Software Modules
     Software packs for developers. Software modules providing API designed on C and C++ and offering quick and reliable interface for development of products in the gaming and vending (retail sale through automats for selling products) industries. They drastically shorten the time for implementation of your products and are fully compatible with the most popular OS Windows and Linux.

     Development of software modules (libraries) for additional devices such as hopper, bill-acceptor, coin-acceptor, card-reader or sensor displays.

     Network modules for realization of various SAS, G2S and S2S protocols. Modules for communication support (RS485) with various devices (ID0003, ccTalk, BDP).

     Software modules for support of non-standard customer devices as well as their practical implementation.
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