Pluto 6 Dual Video
    All CGS Ltd. games run on Pluto 6 game platform provided by Heber Ltd. We can offer you game platform with game software designed for you with all technical details concerning the hardware platform connectivity and maintenance. If you support the Heber Ltd. Pluto 6 hardware platform, we will offer you game software and game description notes. Otherwise, we can supply this game platform for you. For further information and hardware descriptions visit the Heber Ltd. web site.
Key Features:
  • Motorola ColdFire™ MCF5206e Processor
  • 256KB battery backed SRAM
  • 2MB Dynamic RAM
  • Dual Video capability when 2 Calypso 32 Video Cards are fitted
  • Compact Flash socket used for game program memory
  • Flexible I/O connectivity via connectors on PCB:
    - RS232
    - RS485
    - HII/ccTalk
    - TTL
    - I2C
  • 256 Lamp and 256 LED Multiplexing expandable to 512 Lamps/LEDs
  • IDE Connector for Hard Drive or CD-ROM option
  • Dedicated connector for % / Stake / Prize Keys
  • Multi-channel Audio with Stereo Output
  • Multi-level Software Security
  • Socket option for EPROM

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